The Cynical Guy

Let's see what's wrong.

America is a continent, not a country.

Many people mistakenly refer to the United States as the country, America. Unfortunately, there is no country named America, but only a continent with that name. Just as Spain, France, and Italy are part of Europe and are located on the European continent, The United States, Canada, and Mexico are part of America and are located on the American continent. This also means that mexicans and canadians are americans.

In fact, the United States doesn't have a name. "The United States" is more a description than a name. In the past, as US grew bigger, the government was so busy adding territory that they forgot to actually name the country. Somewhere along the way, in the absence of an official name, many people in the US and around the world started refering to the US as America, and its citizens as Americans. It was easy for countries outside the American continent to make this mistake, since most of their knowledge of America came from the US and its people, be they tourists, immigants, soldiers, and etc.

So now what? Should citizens of the US be referred to as USan's, USian's, or some other nationality that uses "US" or "USA" as its root? To end all the confusion throughout society and the world, we need to name our country.

Okay US congress, earn your pay.

By the way, Australia is the only nation that is both a continent and a country.

Messy English

English in the US is a mess. So many words are spelled far differently from the way they are pronounced. It's no wonder there are so many illiterate US citizens and immigrants unwilling or unable to learn english. I heard a TV weather reporter pronounce "temperature" as "tempreture." I was pissed when I found that pronunciation as acceptable in a dictionary. Another example is "creek", which in the dictionary may be prounounced as "creek" or "crick." Most "Usians" are familiar with thousands of similar examples.

With this in mind, sometime in the future, I will be spelling words on this website the way my dictionary indicates they are pronounced. To keep our english language the way it is, and force school children to learn it the way it is, with all of its exceptions, is to deny illiterates and foreigners the opportunity to learn to read and write english.

Car racing is immoral.

With the rising price of fuel, car racing is wasteful, immoral, and antisocial. It's like running your furnace in the winter, or your air conditioner in the summer with the doors and windows open. Sure, it's entertaining, and you're paying for the wasted fuel and electricity, but in the US we don't condone such waste. This is because of the unnecessary polution generated and the drain on our resources, which in turn increases the cost of these resources to others.

The squandering rich and those organizations that squander fuel for a living will find the cost only slightly inconvenient, long after the rest of us are unable to buy gas to go to work or the grocery store. Therefore, we need national fuel rationing as soon as possible! Also, the many commercial organizations throughout the United States, who sponsor car racing, need to stop.


When he was running Iraq, fuel was alot cheaper, and far fewer US service members were being killed.